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  1. (Jeff) Shurong Xue

    Hi: This is Shurong Xue, 88 Biochem Undergraduate from PKU.

    Just moved to San Diego one year ago. Worked in research reagent and research animal business for the past 15 years. Now, as Marketing Director for Research Antibodies and Core Assays at Merck Millipore.

    I travel a lot. If I am in San Diego when the reunion happens, I will be there to meet and greet anyone.

    Thanks for organizing this.

    (Jeff) Shurong Xue

  2. Fu Li

    Dear Jeff,

    We will be delighted if you could join us at the conference. Look forward to meeting you there.


  3. Ron Zhu


    It has been 8 years since I left San Diego. Glad to see many old friends will attend this reunion. See you all soon.

    Yuerong (Ron) Zhu
    CEO of BioInfoRx, Inc.

  4. Yang Xie

    Dear Ron, Jeff, and many other alumni/friends/family members of PKU Bio,

    The PKU Bio reunion is dedicated to providing a platform for all friends in the PKU Bio circle, or beyond, to mingle, catching up with old friends while making new ones. You are most welcome to join our event in San Diego this summer! Were you to have any questions, please feel free to contact the organizers.
    Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  5. Hai Chuck Zhang

    Hi All,

    I’m driving from San Francisco/Bay area to San Diego for the conference. I’m thinking leaving on afternoon July 19 and come back on July 21. Does anyone want to carpool with me? If we can gether more than 2-3 people, we’ll save a lot of money and it will be a delightful trip 🙂

    I’m Bio/Yuanpei 01. I’m currently doing postdoc at Stanford. Let me know if you are interested. My cell is 917-209-2924.


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