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Online registration is open !

Hi everyone,

The online registration is now open!  Please join us for our own PKU Bio reunion in San Diego on July 20!  Last year, we had ~200 alumni participants coming from more than 20 states, with a graduation range from 1986-2002!  Please don’t miss it this year!

Click here to register.

Speakers of PKU Bio-Net Reunion 2013 at San Diego

We are thrilled to announce our confirmed speakers for the 2013 PKU Bio-Net Reunion thus far (see the “Speakers” link for details):

Dr. Napoleone Ferrara (Distinguished Professor, University of California, San Diego).

Dr. Dongmin Chen (Dean/Director, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Peking University)

Dr. Jing-Dong Jackie Han (Director and professor, Institute for Computational Biology, CAS)

Dr. Bo Huang (Assistant professor, University of California, San Francisco)

Dr. Peter Li (President & CEO, Nexcelom Bioscience)

Dr. Sheng Zhong (Associate professor, University of California, San Diego)

Dr. Zhongming Zhao (Associate professor, Vanderbilt University)

Dr. Yuyan Shi (Assistant professor, University of California, San Diego)

Dr. Willis X. Li (Professor, University of California, San Diego)

Dr. Dong-Er Zhang (Professor, University of California, San Diego)

Dr. Wen Luo (CSO, Denovo Biomarkers)

Dr. Fan Zhang (Biotherapeutics Global Leader at Novartis)

Dr. Guang Chen (Scientific Director, Johnson & Johnson)

Dr. Hui Li (Executive director of business development for BioDuro)

Dr. Sofie Qiao (CEO, and co-founder of LINQ Pharmaceuticals)

With the common strong tie with PKU as alumni or friends, they are now leaders and pioneers in a wide spectrum of fields in academia or industry, in the US or in China. Come and join us for a precious networking opportunity!

If you have questions or suggestions related to the speakers, please feel free to contact Song Yi (伊松) at [email protected]