Congratulations on the success of 2013 PKU Bio-Net Symposium!

July 20 was a special day for PKU biomedical alumni!  Our 5th annual reunion symposium was successfully held in San Diego, California!  The symposium this year set a solid platform for career development and intermutual collaborations for PKU alumni and friends, and turned out to be an effective networking opportunity between academia and industry, and beyond.  This event was actively reported by multiple media, including the following:  The World Journal;   Peking University Alumni Association;   The Chinese American Professors and Professionals Network.  More photos can be found here.

Special thanks to the PKU Bio-Net organization committee who invested enormous effort and time.  Committee leaders: Yang Xie (谢阳), Song Yi (伊松), Fu Li (李福), and Yue Zhang (张乐);   Committee members: Hui Song (宋晖), Lixian Zhong (钟丽娴), Wei Wu (吴巍), Xuefeng Liu (刘学峰), Nan Li (李南), Yetian Chen (陈野天), Fuxiao Xin (辛富晓), Shaohua Zhou (周绍华).

We look forward to meeting you again next year!