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We sincerely appreciate the following sponsors. This symposium wouldn’t be possible to happen without their generous support:


InvivoEx is a startup biotech research and service company. Our research focuses on specific tissues and organs targeted in vivo gene delivery for the treatment of metabolic diseases. We provide histopathology, in vivo biology, rodent surgery, experimental design and data analysis services for biotech companies and research institutes. Our goal is to express deliver research expertise to our clients and accelerate their research success.

Wyzer Biosciences, the Precision Sanger SequencingTM company:

Wyzer Biosciences, the DNA sequencing (Sanger & NGS) and DNA prep provider, was established four years ago by former Pfizer employees. We’re located at 85 Bolton Street in dynamic Cambridge, MA. With over 100 years of combined expertise in sequencing and over 60 publications to our credit we are suited to meet anyone’s simple and complex sequencing needs. Our expertise fulfills the needs for DNA sequencing and prep services in local and global research communities. We offer very competitive prices, unbeatable turn-around-time, expert advice and unmatched customer service. We invite you to excel with us, the “Wyzer” choice.

Nexcelom Bioscience

Nexcelom’s Cellometer line of simple-to-use cell counters automate manual cell counting procedures by obtaining accurate counts, viability, and cell sizes in less than 30 seconds & only 20uL of sample. Fluorescence detection capabilities enable fast & simple determination of GFP transfection rates, PI-viability, & direct counting of WBCs without lysing.

智康博药 Percans Oncology
智康博药是由一些国际知名的从事癌症诊断、治疗和研究的专家组成并建立。团队中经验丰富的肿瘤学专家将主要致力于改善患者的临床疗效和最大限度地延长患者的生存,同时带动肿瘤药物研发的发展。我们的核心平台- I‐Graft™ ,一种有效的患者自身肿瘤小鼠移植模型,代替患者本人进行治疗方案的测试,筛选出最适合患者个体的方案提供给患者和经治医师。 I‐Graft™ 平台是目前世界上预测抗癌药物有效性最准确的技术平台。

BioInfoRx provides standard and custom software-as-a-service (SaaS) to academic, non-profit, and commercial research laboratories, and small biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

BioInfoRx’s cloud-based systems include powerful tools for managing general laboratory information and processing biological data with bioinformatic or biostatistical methods.