Due to tremendous interests among our alumni, we have reached our maximal capacity. The registration is closed on July 6th, except for 1997 Biology Alumni who can register by email. Unregistered alumni can still come to the meeting, but we may not be able to provide seating and lunch. They may also be asked to stay in another room or outside the conference room. If you plan to come, please send us an email with your Chinese and English names, entrance year, and other information. We will try our best to do the coordination.

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Registration deadline and fees

Early registration deadline: June 30th, 2011 (Closed)

Early registration fee: $10

Late registration deadline: 1:00pm EST, July 6th, 2011 (Closed)

Late registration fee: $20

Onsite registration: Closed. All attendees are required to register on-line.

Onsite registration fee: $20

Registration fees will be collected on site.