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Russ Berrie Science Pavilion of Columbia University Medical Center.

The conference will be held on the first floor of the Russ Berrie Science Pavilion at Columbia University Medical Center, located at 1150 Saint Nicholas Ave., New York City (CUMC map, Google Maps).

Columbia University Medical Center is located in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in the upper Manhattan of New York City. As most parts of the city Washington Heights has dense buildings and population, with heavy traffic and limited parking spaces. It is generally recommended to rely on public transportation rather than driving oneself in the city.

The city is connected to other States by trains and three international airports. Please see below for more information. You may also want to refer to Columbia’s travel tips.

Please ask your hotel for directions from the airport to your hotel and from your hotel to the Medical Center. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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Columbia University Medical CenterColumbia University Main CampusGW Bridge Bus TerminalGrand Central Terminal, Penn Station & Howard Beach StationJ.F.K. International Airport, LaGuardia Airport & Newark Liberty International Airport


Coming from the West or the South

If you are coming from the West or from the South, you should take I-95 North and use the George Washington Bridge (GWB). Taking Holland Tunnel or Lincoln Tunnel is usually not a good idea because it is very likely that you will find yourself driving in the heavy local traffic. You may use either the upper or lower level of the bridge and follow the signs to Broadway. (Upper level: keep right and then keep left; Lower: keep left and keep right.). Once you are on the local streets (West 178th St.), turn left on to Broadway. Drive 10 blocks to the meeting center.

Coming from the East

On I-95 South take Exit 1C and drive toward Washington Bridge. At the end of the bridge turn left on to Amsterdam Ave. Drive south and turn right on 168th St. The meeting center is 2 blocks away on your left.

Coming from the North

If you drive on I-87 South take Exit 10 and turn right onto W. 230th St. Turn left onto Broadway (Route 9) and drive 3.2 miles to W. 168th St.

If you drive on Route 9/9A you may want to continue on Route 9, which becomes Broadway in the city and leads to the meeting center on W 168th St. You can also take the tolled and complicated Route 9A. Take exit 14-15 on the left merge onto Riverside Dr. Turn left onto W 165th St and take the third left onto Broadway. The meeting center is 3 blocks north on your left.

Public transportation

Bus station before the Russ Berrie Science Pavilion.

Public transportation includes subway and buses, both run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Maps, fares, and schedules are available at MTA’s website. Try their TripPlanner+ (on the right of MTA’s homepage) first because it generally works pretty well. Alternatively, try Google maps’ public transportation search.

Briefly, subway is the best way to travel in the city. A subway map (and Manhattan bus map) is available at all airports and most hotels. You can also download it here. 1, A, and C trains stop at the Medical Center (168th St. Station). The Medical Center is served by Bx7 Bronx bus, and M2, M3, M4, M5, and M100 Manhattan buses. The cost of single ride (both bus and subway, with one free transfer) is $2.25. You can save by buying a multi-ride or unlimited ride Metrocard if you plan to stay and explore the city.

The subway entrance on the left side of the Russ Berrie Science Pavilion.

Two important subway/bus stations in the city are Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station, because they are connected to the airports by shuttle buses and other States by trains operated by MTA and Amtrak. both A/C and 1 trains go directly to Penn Station. To go to Grand Central one should first go to Time Square by taking either 1 or A/C train and take the express train S, which shuttles between Grand Central and Time Square.

GW Bridge Bus Terminal is a major bus station on 178th St. It is connected by several buses and by the A train. Buses operated by New Jersey Transit and Rockland Coaches provide services to Northern New Jersey.

Taxi is quick and easy means to travel across Manhattan but it is expensive. A trip from the airport to your hotel can easily cost $100. There shouldn’t be any difficulty for one to catch one of the 13,000 cabs that are serving the city, but one can also make reservation online or by phone. Please see Yellow Cab NYC for fares and details.

By train

All trains stop at one of two transsit-hubs – Grand Central Terminal and Pennsylvania Station. Grand Central Terminal serves commuters traveling on the Metro-North Railroad to New York upstate and Connecticut. Penn Station serves inter-city trains operated by Amtrak, and commuter rail services operated by the Long Island Rail Road and New Jersey Transit. Amtrak trains go to many parts of the country, including Boston, Washington DC, New Orleans, and Chicago.

From Grand Central Terminal

Subway is the most convenient way to go from Grand Central to the meeting center. The subway entrance locates in the east ring of the Terminal. Take the express shuttle S train which provides frequent and non-stop service between Grand Central and Time Square. Inside Time Square station transfer to either 1, A, or C up-town train to W. 168th St. 1 train is better because the platform is closer. A and C trains are similar, but try to avoid C train because it is local.

From Pennsylvania Station

Subway is the best way to go the meeting center from Penn Station. Both A/C and 1 trains stop at Penn Station. The A/C entrance is at the northwest corner of 34th St. and 8th Ave. The 1 entrance is at the northeast corner of 34th St. and 7th Ave. Take the up-town trains to 168th St. Avoid local service C train and take A train.

By airplane

The New York City is served by three international airports: J.F.K. International Airport, LaGuardia Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. Please click the airport and learn about the airport before you travel. Pay extra attention to ground transportation, especially if you are arriving at night. These airports have multiple terminals, for example, JFK has 9 terminals. You should know which terminal you are arriving at.

From J.F.K. International Airport

Public transportation to and from JFK is convenient but slow. One easy ways to go from JFK is to take the AirTrain to Howard Beach Station (Toll), exit and take A train to 168th St. This is convenient by may take 1.5 hours. Note, if you want to take A train to JFK, make sure that the final station is Far Rockaway, because some A trains go to Lefferts Boulevard and do not stop at Howard Beach Station.

Many shuttle buses provide quick commute to Grand Central/Penn Station and major hotels. Some of them provides on-site drop off and pre-arranged pick up. Please see here or ask your hotel for details.

From Newark Liberty International Airport

Take the free AirTrain from your terminal to the Newark Liberty International Airport Rail Link Station. Both NJ Transit and Amtrak provide train service to New York Penn Station. Amtrak costs two-three times more than NJ-transit. The trip usually take 25-30 minutes.

NJ Transit also provides rail and bus services in New Jersey, which may be useful if your hotel is in New Jersey.

Many shuttle buses provide quick commute to Grand Central/Penn Station and major hotels. Some of them provides on-site drop off and pre-arranged pick up. Please see here or ask your hotel for details.

From LaGuardia Airport

LaGuardia Airport is the closest airport so public transportation by bus is possible. Take M-60 bus from LaGuardia to 125th St. and Manhattan Ave. Transfer to uptown M-3 bus or A train and go to 168th St. This may take 1 hour.

Many shuttle buses provide quick commute to Grand Central/Penn Station and major hotels. Some of them provides on-site drop off and pre-arranged pick up. Please see here or ask your hotel for details.

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